Acquiring a new investor for a company is a relatively long and demanding process, full of traps. Therefore, the support of a transaction advisor turns out to be invaluable.

Depending on the situation, the entrepreneur may decide to seek transaction advisory from the very beginning (before making directional decisions) or already further down in the process (when informal talks with an investor begin to turn into more specific arrangements).

If required, we support our clients in selecting the right type of investor (equity fund, industry player, company management, etc.). This choice affects both the chances of eventually obtaining an attractive price on disposal and the way the company is going to be prepared for the transaction.

The main benefits of involving an advisor are:

  • the possibility of timely (sometimes also long-term) preparation of the company for sale, taking into account criteria relevant to the selected type of investor,
  • preparation of professional sale documentation (information teaser, memorandum),
  • professional processing of the transaction, using available M&A tools, such as a multi-stage bidding process, confidentiality agreement, auction process, exclusivity, etc.,
  • support at the stage of due diligence carried out by investors,
  • support in negotiations,
  • optimization of the transaction parameters (not only price),
  • assurance (together with legal advisers) of compliance with formal requirements (required approvals and notifications).


In view of increasing competition and limited possibilities of organic growth, consolidation activities are a frequently used path that allows to increase the dynamics of the company's development.

A well-designed transaction process allows the investor not only to choose the optimal acquisition target, but also to achieve its goals faster.

Transaction advisory usually begins with the identification of potential acquisition targets, analysis of their attractiveness for the client and preliminary identification of the possibility to commence talks with their owners.

The main benefits of involving an advisor are:

  • negotiation support,
  • optimization of transaction parameters,
  • assurance (together with legal advisors) of compliance with formal requirements related to the transaction,
  • limiting the client’s time involvement, especially important in the situation of a cross-border deal,
  • mitigation of transaction risks,
  • ability to keep the buyer's identity in secret in the initial stages (if necessary).

The acquisition is preceded by a detailed analysis of its impact on the further development of the acquirer, an analysis of potential synergies and – as a result – the impact of the acquisition on client’s shareholder value.

Our team members have extensive experience in conducting acquisitions and disposals of businesses, both domestic and cross-border.

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