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We deliver value.
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Established in 2007
We specialise in valuation, due diligence, transaction and strategic advisory projects.
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Who we are

Acropolis Advisory is an independent professional financial adviser. We are a dynamic and talented team focused on delivering value to our clients.

The firm is managed by Marcin Anklewicz, with an over
25-year experience in financial advisory gained at Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young.


Conscious value creation is a complex and long-term process. It requires an efficient combination of two factors:

  1. knowledge of the company, intuition, as well as entrepreneurial talent, and
  2. competency and experience of people unrelated personally to the company and having a right perspective.

The latter factor can be provided by an independent advisor. We support our clients in development and execution of strategic decisions concerning expansion of their businesses. Our primary goal is to grow our client’s value.

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